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Everything You Need To Know About Tramadol


Tramadol Medication Is Only Used to Relieve Moderate-Severe Pain. This Medication Is Similar to Opioid Analgetics. the Tramadol Works Directly in the Brain to Change How Your Body Feels and How It Responds to Pain.

how to use tramadol

How to use Tramadol

Before You Take the Medication Make Sure You Read the Guide Provided by Your Pharmacist. And, Every Time You Want to Get a Refill. for Any Questions About the Medication Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist.

Your Doctor Will Direct You to Take This Medication by Mouth, After Every 4 to 6 Hours as Needed. Food Isn’t Necessary with This Medication, So Don’t Worry, Take It Even If You Haven’t Eaten. But, If You Have Nausea, Food Might Help You If You Take This Drug. to Decrease Nausea You Can Ask Your Pharmacist or Doctor for Instructions. It Can Be Lying in Bed for 1 -2 Hours Without Moving Your Head Way Too Much.

The Dosage of Tramadol Is Based on Your Response to the Treatment and Your Medical Condition. to Avoid Side Effects, Your Doctor Might Instruct You to Use a Smaller Dosage of Tramadol and Increase It Over Time. Please Follow the Instructions of Your Doctor Carefully! Make Sure to Not Consume More Than 400 Mg Per Day – That Is the Maximum Dosage. for Elderly People Over 75 Years, 300 Mg Is the Maximum Dosage Per Day. Do Not Take This Medication More Frequently, Do Not Increase Your Prescribed Dosage, and Do Not Take It on Longer or Shorter Periods Than Prescribed. If You Are Directed to Stop the Medication, Properly Stop It!

Pain Medications Like Tramadol Work Best If You Consume It Right When the Pain Appears. If You Take Tramadol After the Pain Worsens, It Might Not Help You That Much.

If Your Pain Is Ongoing (Like the Pain from Arthritis), Your Doctor Might Direct You to Take Opioid Medication. If That’s the Case, the Tramadol Can Be Used for Sudden (Progressive) Pain as Needed. the Other Pain Relievers Like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen Can Also Be Prescribed by Your Doctor. Before Using Tramadol with Other Drugs Make Sure to Ask Your Doctor for Your Safety.

If You Have Been Using This Medication for a Long Time and Suddenly Stopping It, Can Lead to Withdrawal. So, Stopping Right Away Isn’t the Answer. Your Doctor Will Probably Lower Your Dosage of Tramadol First and After a While Stop You from Using It. If You Are Feeling Some Withdrawal Symptoms (Like Restlessness, Trouble Sleeping, Anxiety, Thoughts of Suicide, Runny Nose, Watering Eyes, Nausea, Sweating, Diarrhea, Muscle Aches, and Sudden Changes in Your Behavior) Make Sure to Tell Your Doctor.

Every Medication When It Is Used for a Long Time Can Be Accustomed to Your Body. Even Tramadol Can Be Accustomed to Your Body If It’s Consumed by a Long Period of Time. So, If This Happens Tell Your Doctor Right Away So He Can Prescribe You, Other Pain Killers (Pain Relief).

Tramadol Does Help Anyone Who Consumes It. But, It Is Also Very Vital to Remember That You Can Be Addicted to It. Especially If You Have a Substance Use Disorder (Like Alcohol or Drugs). Just Take Your Medication as Prescribed by Your Doctor. You Can Always Ask Your Pharmacist or Doctor for More Details.

Tell Your Doctor Straight Away If Your Pain Doesn’t Go Away or It Gets Worse.

tramadol side effect

Side effects

Check the Warning Section!

Vomiting, Nausea, Constipation, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Headache, or Drowsiness May Occur. the Side Effects of Tramadol Can Also Go Away After Consuming the Medication for a While. Tell Your Doctor If These Side Effects Still Persist or Get Worse.

You Can Get Constipation, to Prevent It Make Sure to Eat Dietary Fiber, Exercise, and Drink Enough Water Throughout the Day. You Might Also Need to Get Laxative. You Can Always Ask Your Pharmacist Which Laxative Is Best for Your Condition.

If You Have Dizziness or Lightheadedness Make Sure to Get Up Slowly When in Sitting or Lying Position. This Also Needs to Be Considered Even When You Don’t Have These Side Effects. Getting Up Way Too Fast Can Cause Dizziness and Can Even Take You Out.

This Medication Is Prescribed for You for a Reason. While There Is a Chance to Get These Side Effects Most People Don’t. the Tramadol Is Prescribed to You Because the Doctor Knew That the Medication Is of Greater Benefit Than the Risk for You. as I Said, Many People Who Consume Tramadol Don’t Have Serious Side Effects.

If You Have Any Serious Side Effects Go and Tell Your Doctor. Side Effects Such as (Interrupted Breathing During Your Sleep (Sleep Apnea), Mental or Mood Changes (Such as Hallucinations, Agitation), Severe Stomach or Abdominal Pain, Difficulty When Urinating, Serious Signs of Your Adrenal Glands That Are Not Working Well (Such as Unusual Tiredness, Loss of Appetite, and Weight Loss).

If You Have Fast/irregular Heartbeat, Fainting, Severe Dizziness, and Seizure, Make Sure to Tell Your Doctor Straight Away.

Tramadol Can Also Rarely Increase the Serotonin in Your Body. This Might Cause a Serious Condition Called the Serotonin Syndrome or Toxicity. You Can Prevent This by Not Consuming Any Other Drugs That Increase Your Serotonin. Tell Your Doctor Which Medications You Are Already Using So He Knows What to Prescribe to You. If You Get Some of These Symptoms Bellow Make Sure to Get Medical Assistance Right Away: Hallucinations, Fast Heartbeat, Severe Dizziness, Loss of Coordination, Severe Nausea, Diarrhea, or Vomiting, Unexplained Fever, Twitching Muscles, Unusual Agitation or Restlessness.

When the Tramadol Is in Your Body It Can Change to Opioid Drug. This Change for Some People Occurs Faster Which Increases the Risk of Side Effects. Make Sure to Get Medical Assistance Straight Away If You Feel Slow and Shallow Breathing, Severe Drowsiness and Difficulty Waking Up, and Confusion.

Allergic Reactions to Tramadol Is Very Rare. But, If You Have Symptoms Like Rash, Itching, and Swelling (Especially of the Tongue, Face, or Throat), Trouble Breathing, and Severe Dizziness… Get Medical Help!

Other Side Effects Than These Can Occur. So, If You Are Feeling Different or Have Any Other Symptoms Make Sure to Contact Your Doctor.

tramadol precautions


Before You Actually Take Tramadol, Make Sure to Tell Your Doctor If You Have Any Allergies. This Medication Might Contain Inactive Ingredients, That Might Cause Allergic Reactions to Your Body.

Before Using Tramadol, Tell Your Doctor Your Full Medical History, Especially If You Had: Brain Disorders (Such as Seizures, Head Injury, or Tumor), Breathing Problems (Such as Sleep Apnea, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Copd), Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Mental/mood Disorders (Such as Depression, Confusion, or Suicidal Thoughts), Personal or Your Family’s History of a Serious Substance Use Disorder (Such as an Overuse of an Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol), Stomach/intestinal Problems (Such as Constipation, Diarrhea Due to Infection, Paralytic Ileus, and Blockage), Difficulty Urinating (Due to Enlarged Prostate), Disease of the Pancreas (Pancreatitis), Gallbladder Disease, and Obesity.

This Medication Can Make You Drowsy or Dizzy. If You Are Using Alcohol or Drugs (Marijuana) Can Make You Even Dizzier. Don’t Drive, Don’t Use Machinery, or Do Something That Requires Your Mental Focus Until You Can Do It. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages. If You Are Using Marijuana Tell Your Doctor.

Tramadol Might Cause a Faster Heart Rhythm (Qt Prolongation). the Qt Prolongation Rarely Causes Serious Hearthside Effects (Such as Dizziness and Fainting). So, This Doesn’t Need Any Medical Assistance Right Away.

The Risk of Qt Can Be Increased If You Are Taking Medications That Cause It or If You Have Any Serious Medical Conditions. Before Taking This Medicine Make Sure to Tell Your Doctor and Pharmacist Which Medications Are You Using. And, If You Have Any of These Conditions: Certain Heart Problems (Like Heart Failure, Qt Prolongation in the Ekg, and Slow Heartbeat), Family History of Serious Certain Heart Problems (Such as Sudden Cardiac Death and Qt Prolongation in the Ekg).

The Risk of Qt Can Be Increase If You Have Low Levels of Magnesium or Potassium. This Risk Can Occur If You Use Drugs Like Diuretics. And, If You Have Certain Conditions Such as Diarrhea, Vomiting, or Sweating.

Children Might Be More Sensitive to Tramadol, and They Can Get Side Effects Like Confusion, Extreme Sleepiness, or Slow, Shallow, and Noisy Breathing.

Even Elderly People Can Be More Sensitive to This Medication. They Can Especially Expect Dizziness, Confusion, Slow/shallow Breathing, Drowsiness, and Qt Prolongation.

If You Are Pregnant, Make Sure to Only Use This Medication When Needed. It May Harm Your Unborn Baby So Use It Wisely. Discuss the Benefits and Reducing the Risks with Your Doctor.

Tramadol Can Also Move from Your Body to Your Breast When You Feed Your Baby. This Might Have Some Undesirable Effects on Your Infant Like Difficulty Feeding, Unusual Sleepiness, or Trouble Breathing. Breastfeeding Your Baby While Taking This Medication Is Not Recommended. Make Sure to Consult Your Doctor Before Breastfeeding Your Baby.

tramadol interactions


Drug Interactions Can Change the Way Your Medications Work in Your Body. This Can Increase Your Risk of Some Serious Side Effects. This Article Doesn’t Contain All of the Possible Side Effects. So, Keep a Note of Your Medications That You Use (Including Tramadol the Prescribed and Nonprescribed Drugs) and Share Them with the Doctor or Pharmacist. Don’t Stop, Start, or Change Your Dosage of Drugs Without the Approval of a Doctor.

Products That Might Interact with Tramadol Include Certain Pain Medications (Such as Butorphanol, Pentazocine, Nalbuphine,) Naltrexone.

If You Take Any Mao Inhibitors with Tramadol Can Cause a Serious (And Possibly Fatal) Drug Interaction. Avoid Taking Mao Inhibitors (Linezolid, Isocarboxazid, Methylene Blue, Phenelzine, Moclobemide, Procarbazine, Safinamide, Rasagiline, Tranylcypromine, and Selegiline,) – During Your Treatment with Tramadol. Most of the Mao Inhibitors Shouldn’t Be Used Before and After 2 Weeks of Treatment with Tramadol. Consult with Your Doctor for More Information About the Treatment with This Medication.

The Great Risk of Serotonin Syndrome/toxicity Can Increase If Are Consuming Drugs That Increase Your Levels of Serotonin. This Also Includes Street Drugs Such as Mdma/”ecstasy,” St. John’s Wort, Some Certain Antidepressants (Including the Snris Such as Duloxetine/venlafaxine, and Ssris Such as Fluoxetine/paroxetine), Among Others. the Risk for This Syndrome Can Increase and Worsen If You Further Consume These Drugs.

The Removal of Tramadol of Your Body Can Be Affected by Other Medications. Which Can Affect How Tramadol Works in Your Body. These Are Azole Antifungals (Such as Itraconazole), Quinidine, Macrolide Antibiotics (Like Erythromycin), Hiv Drugs (Like the Ritonavir), Drugs Used to Treat Seizures (Such as Carbamazepine), Rifamycins (Such as Rifampin), and Many Other Drugs.

Great Risk Can Occur with Serious Side Effects (Like Severe Drowsiness and Dizziness, Slow and Shallow Breathing). This Will Increase the Risk of These Symptoms While Using Some Other Medications That Can Also Cause Breathing Problems and Drowsiness. Inform Your Doctor If You Use Other Cough Relievers or Opioid Pain (Such as Codeine, Hydrocodone), Marijuana (Cannabis), Alcohol, Drugs for Anxiety or Sleep (Such as Zolpidem, Alprazolam, and Lorazepam,), Muscle Relaxants (Like Carisoprodol and Cyclobenzaprine), or Antihistamines (Such as Diphenhydramine and Cetirizine).

tramadol overdose


If Someone Has Overdosed Themselves with This Medication and Has Trouble Breathing or Pass Out – Give Them Naloxone. After That Call 911. If the Person Who Is Overdosed Doesn’t Have Any Symptoms, Call a Poison Control Center Straight Away. Us Citizens Can Call 1-800-222-1222 for the Poison Control Center. Symptoms of an Overdose May Include Coma, Seizure, Slow Breathing, and Slow/irregular Heartbeat.

Don’t Share This Medication. Sharing This Medication Is Dangerous and Against the Law!

Keep It Away from Kids and Pets. And, Store It in a Place Away from Moisture and Light.